Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MommyParties ZhuZhu Babies Party!

Recently my Mom's group was given the opportunity to host a ZhuZhu Babies party.  We were so excited to get chosen for this party.  It came at the perfect time because my kids have just discovered the ZhuZhu pets (I know.  We are behind!).

We got an awesome party pack that included:
ZhuZhu Babies
Baby Outfits
Newborn Nursery Playset

The kids really enjoyed playing the games that were included in the party pack.  One of the favorite games was "ZhuMama, May I?"  The kids took turns being the ZhuZhu Mama.  The little girls favorite game to play was dressing up the babies in their different outfits.  Since the party my kids have taken scraps of material and paper and made outfits for the babies as well.  But, no matter how many games we played, the favorite things to do were hamster races. :-)

No party is complete without food.  For our party we used some of the recipes that came in the party pack.  Some were also adapted from the recipes.  We made piggies in a blanket and nanners pudding.

The party was a wonderful experience and we can't wait until we have an opportunity to host another one.  Thank you to MomSelect for the party!  If you would like to host parties for your mom's group, you can sign up at MomSelect.

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